Although the sports of 1912 are now a thing of the past, the following resume of the events, kindly furnished by Mr. J.A.Carberry, D.I., may be of interest as a record in the MAGAZINE :-
The cycling and athletic portion of the tournament was, as events proved, the most pleasant of the programme. Held in beautiful weather, indeed a " pet day," on the beautiful grounds of the Royal Dublin Society, it was a delightful function. It was tenth tournament, and, although i have seen a better attendance, yet the crowd of all ranks present, with their wives, sisters and sweethearts, was of  large proportions. Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy the day. Some of the performances were exceedingly good, and, as the old Force can produce such men as Carroll, of Kinsale, whose high jump of 6ft. 2ins. is a record for the R.I.C. sports ; the two McCarthys, who won a large number of prizes, not to speak of the veterans, Conboy, Walsh, Breen, Maguire, Colquhoun, Scales and others, athletics will boom in the police, notwithstanding the forces arrayed against us by a certain association.
All Ireland, indeed, was truly represented, from Donegal to Kerry, as fine specimens of Irish manhood as could be found anywhere. The officers were strongly represented, some of whom worked hard to secure the success of the meeting, foremost amongst them being Mr.Kerry Supple C.I., than whom no man living can excel as a sport official. Messrs. Fleming, Nealon and Molony, D.I.'s, worked well, as did Mr. Hetreed, C.I., and others, while Sir Neville was here, there, and everywhere, seeing that matters ran smoothly. At the conclusion of the sports, in proposing a well-merited vote of thanks to Mrs. W.M.Davis for Gracefully distributing the prizes the Inspector General dwelt upon the excellent performances of the noted athletes before mentioned, and to the grand display made by the little Boy Scouts and military teams who took part in the Relay Race-an innovation on the programme which was much appreciated. Space and time forbid me dwelling at greater length on the programme, but i cannot conclude without mentioning the laborious work performed in connection with the Tournament of Mr. Rodwell, D.I.,  and his staff. For an initial venture, he did remarkably well, and was most courteous to everyone. Our own excellent band, as well as the D.M.P. band, discoursed the  sweetest of music, and everything passed off as smoothly as the proverbial marriage bell.
High Jump, Handicap.-1, Colquhoun  (8ins.), 6ft 4ins. ; 2, Carroll  (scr.) 6ft. 2ins. ; 3. McCarthy (8ins, 5ft 10ins. Carroll's great performance made this a record for the R.I.C. sports, and he was cheered lustily from one end of the ground to the other, and was heartily congratulated by the Inspector-General. He is a most unassuming young man, and will make his mark in the athletic world.
Officers, 100 Yards, Handicap.- Mr. Cruise soon overhauled his men, and dead-heated with Mr. Regan for first place, and won on the toss of a coin. Mr. Cameron was a good third. Mr.Cruise's performance shows him still as a runner who can hold his own in hot company. Mr.Cruise ran from scratch, giving odds to the field. All the competitors were long juniors to him. The photo at the foot shows the finish of this race.
The Tug-of-War team proved and exciting struggle between Dublin County and the Depot, but the latter was better coached and won by two tugs to nil after a prolonged fight. In the final, the Belfast giants, who were very much the heaver, and trained very fit, easily defeated the Depot.
The Step-dancing Competition, as a finale, was very much enjoyed, and the placings were :- 1, D.Brennan, Depot ; 2, Dempsey, Depot ; 3, T.M. Reidy, Dingle.
The big company then dispersed after a pleasant day's sport, many of whom met again for the big boxing contest in the Riding School, the proceedings of which will be chronicled by a more capable hand than mine.
 J. A. Carbery.
 ( R.I.C. Magazine, August 1912)


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