1. Recruits are required for the above Force, and men who have served in the Army, Navy, or Air  Force, as well as other suitable candidates, are invited to join
2. Qualifications,- Ordinary Candidates must be at least 5 feet 8 inches in height, unmarried, and between 19 and 27 years of age. The mean chest measurement must not in any case be less then 36 inches.
  Men who have served in His Majesty's Forces who do not come up to this standard, or who are married, will receive special consideration if strong and suitable.
  Sons of members of the Force, or of Royal Irish Constabulary Pensioners, will be admitted at 18 years of age if they are of good physique.
  Applicants must pass a Medical Examination and also an Examination in Reading, Writing, and Simple Arithmetic.
3. Pay and Allowances.
    Constables, £3 10s. a week on appointment, rising by periodical increments to £4 15s. a week.
    Sergants, £5 a week, rising by annual increments to £5 12s 6p. a week.
    Head Constables, £310 per annum, rising by annual increments to £355 per annum.
In addition to their pay, married men are granted a non pensionable bonus in respect of increased cost of living at the following rates :-
    Constables, 12s weekly.
    Sergeants, 13s 6p. weekly.
    Head Constables, 15s weekly.
Unmarried men are granted a bonus at half the above rates.
Men serving in disturbed counties are granted a temporary service allowance of 2s. a day while at out-stations, and 1s a day while at District Headquarters.
Members of the Force employed with the R.I.C. motor Transport Corps are granted special Corps allowances :-
   Drivers, 2s 6p a day when approved by officer commanding R.I.C. Trnsport Corps to be competent to take charge of a vehicle.
   Mechanics 5s a day when approved by officer commanding R.I.C. Transport Corps to be efficient at their trade.
Allowances are granted to married men not accommodated in Barracks for subsistence when absent from Station on duty, for boots etc.
   Uniform and Medical Attendance are provided free. There are good prospects of promotion to higher ranks.
4. Pension.
    After 25 years'approved service, men are entitled to retire without medical certificate on a pension equal to one-half the annual pay at the date of retirement.
    After 30 years' approved service, the pension will be equal to two-thirds of the pay at retirement.
    Men who retire on medical certificate after 15 years' service are entitled to pension at intermediate rates.
    Special pensions are granted at any length of service to men who are incapacitated owing to injuries received in the execution of their duty.
    Widows of men of upwards of five years' service whose marriage is in accordance with the regulations of the Force are granted pensions, and in certain  circumstances yearly allowances or gratuities are granted to the children under 15 years of age
5. Method of Joining.
    In Ireland, application to join the Constabulary should be made through the local Constabulary Officers of the Districts in which Candidates reside, where they can be medically examined. It is to be clearly understood that they must be finally examined and approved by the Surgeon of the Force upon their arrival at the Depot.
    Every Candidate admitted to the Force will be required to be re-vaccinated unless he can produce a certificate that this has already been done.
   Outside Ireland application should be made to "The Commandant, R.I.Constabulary Depot, Phoenix Park, Dublin," or to the local R.I.Constabulary Recruiting Officer, who will visit various centres in Great Britain. It should state the exact age, height, and chest measurement of the Candidate, and his usual employment.It should be accompanied by Army Discharges, testimonials from Magistrates or local Police, and a Registrar's Certificate of Birth.

                                                                                            Royal Irish Constabulary Office,
                                                                                             Dublin Castle, November, 1920.
 Ref : R.I.C. List July 1921. ( last list printed.)     

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