RIC Finance Code Part III 

314 - House Accommodation for the Force - The Constabulary should, as far as practicable, be lodged in houses hired from private individuals, and every endeavour should be made by Officers of the Forceto effect such an arrangement, and in such a manner as to provide for the comfort of the members of the Force on the most reasonable terms.

315 - this paragraph sets out in detail the requirements for a suitable barrack

319-323 detail the actions to be taken for procuring a barrack, that is advertising for a suitable premises, the length and terms of the lease, etc

324 - for building a barrack - the preference was to persuade local proprietors (in a district where there was a perceived need to station constabulary to preserve order), to build the house themselves and then lease to the police, in order to defray costs against the public purse.

336 - Building of Barracks by Board of Works, Repairs etc, of Government Buildings, and of rented Barracks repairable by Board of Works - deals specifically with cases where the public money was used to build or repair buildings. In practical terms this applied mainly to the large establishments such as the Depot (and in earlier times to the provincial HQ's)

Peter Mc