No person shall be admitted as a Sub-Constable unless he shall be possessed of the qualifications, and not liable to the objections, recited in the Fourteenth Section of 6th William lV., Chapter 13: between 19 and 27 years of age, capable of reading, without hesitation, any printed or written document; able to write a legible hand; of good character for honesty, sobriety, fidelity, and activity; at least five feet eight inches in height; and a Single Man, or a Widower without a Family.
  Every Candidate must undergo Medical Examination, by a Military Medical Officer, or other Medical Person named by the Inspector- General; and must serve a probationary period of  One Month at the  Depot; if not found sufficiently eligible within that time he shall, upon report to the Inspector-General, be discharged as unfit.
  County Inspectors will keep a list of all persons in their respective Counties or Ridings who shall produce to them Certificates from Magistrates or Officers of the Force of the Candidates' good conduct and character, and who are eligible for and desirous of entering the Establishment; and will be held strictly responsible that the Name of no Individual, who is not in every respect fully qualified according to the Regulations, is placed in the County List.
   In the event of any act of misconduct of a Candidate, committed either before or subsequent to his name having been placed on a County List, coming to the knowledge of the County Inspector, he is authorised to strike therefrom the Name of such Candidate, and he will, in his next Return, assign the cause for such erasure.
   Every Candidate must be possessed of Four Linen Shirts, on joining the Depot, and Two Pounds for the purchase of Necessaries and for his Support until the next issue of pay.
He must have a Suit of Plain Clothes and a Hat, which are at all times to form a part of his Necessaries.
                                                                                                      Questions To Be Answered By Candidates.
  1.  What is your Name ?
  2.  Where were you Born ?
  3.  What is your Age ?
  4.  Are you an Apprentice ?
  5.  Are you a married, or single Man, or a Widower, and if the latter, what  Family.
  6.  Have you ever served in the Constabulary, or any other Police, the Army, or the Navy, Coast Guard, or any other Public Situation ?
  7.  Have you been dismissed from any of the above Establishments, or from any Situation, or have you resigned, and if so, for what purpose ?
  8.  Are you subject to Fits, or any other Bodily Infirmity ?
  9.  Have you been engaged in any Faction Fight during the last Twelve months ?
10.  Have you ever been in Gaol ?
I hereby solemnly declare that the above Questions have been seprately put to me, and that i have written the answers thereto, which are in every respect true.
Ref : Constabulary List, No 3, January, 1843.    

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