Just been watching the latest episode of " Boardwalk Empire " on Sky Atlantic, a multi - million pound production from America, where the main character a  - " Nucky Thompson "  visits Belfast to meet the leaders of the I.R.A. to negotiate an arms deal involving Thompson Sub - Machine guns in exchange for whiskey . (  the programme is based in the 1920,s )

As " Nucky Thompson " is waiting at the docks to return to America, two " Black and Tans "  appear in the background with what appear to be very clear red flashes on their headgear,,  just walking by.

Just wondering if anyone else has seen the programme, and if they have been able to identify the badges to see if they are historically correct, I was completely taken aback by what I saw but someone in America has seen fit to include the "Black and Tans "  and thinks it is important to the storyline. I look forward to any comments.