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Re: The Black and Tans: British Police and Auxiliaries in the Irish War of Independence, 1920-1921 (reply)
Hi peter, I think the flag is a tricolour if you look at the second film closely you will see he has it unfurled as he walks up the steps and if you stop the film around the 25 second mark you can barely make out the three shades of the...
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7-Mar-2014 12:31 AM
Different films same actors.........maybe (reply)
Just an addition to this topic Last night i was reviewing films on the Pathe website from the period in question and noticed that they have two films dated from 1920 and 1922 as above they seem to have been staged. These maybe candidates...
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6-Mar-2014 7:22 PM
Re: The Knocklong Incident  (reply)
Detail of Knocklong Rescue The rescue party consisted Seamus Robinson, Tom Breen, Sean Treacy (all 3rd Tipperary Brigade), Ned (Eammon) O'Brien, James Scanlon, J J O'Brien, Sean Lynch and Edward Foley (all from Galbally and members of...
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4-Jan-2012 7:17 PM
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